Thomas Giddins of Beaufort County

Tuesday 17th June 1746. The House met according to Adjournment.Read the Petition of the Meherin Indians, setting forth the hardships they labour under by reason of the white people intruding on their Possessions and also that the Commissioners appointed by an Act of the General Assembly to settle the said Indians in the quiet possession of their possessions, and praying relief thereon.
On reading of which said Petition Mr. Benjamin Hill moved for leave to bring in a Bill pursuant to a prayer of the sd Petition.
Ordered that he have leave & that he prepare & bring in the same.
Mr. Ormond from the Committee appointed to Inspect the Militia Law Reported the said Committee had inspected the said Law and had made remarks on the several Amendments required therein, and brought in a Bill for regulating the Militia Law, which he read in his place.
Ordered the same pass.
Sent the said Bill to the Council by Mr. Wyriot Ormond & Mr. Benjamin Hill.
Mr. Benjamin Hill brought in a Bill for the more quieting the Meherin Indians in their Possessions, which he read in his place.
Ordered the same be sent to the Council.
Sent the same to the Council by Mr. Wyriot Ormond and Mr. Benjamin Hill.
The House adjourned till 3 o’clock.

P. M. The House met according to Adjournment.
Read the Petition of Thomas Giddins of Beaufort County Praying to be exempt from paying Publick Taxes. A certificate appearing from the Court of the County of Beaufort of his inability to pay such taxes.
The prayer of the said Petition Granted.
His Excellency the Governor was pleased to lay before this House the following Letter and Abstracts of the Minutes of the Commissrs of Indian Affairs in New York etc as follows.

Jacob Giddins 250 Dobbs

At a Council held at Wilmington the 20th of May 1741 Present His Excellency the GovernourThe Honoble Nath Rice Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble Roger Moore Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble Eleazr Allen Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble James Murray Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble Math Rowan Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble William Forbes Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble Edwd Moseley Esqr Member of CouncilOrdered That the Attorney General draw up the form of an Oath to be tendered to all Persons applying for Land pursuant to the Instructions of their Excellency’s the late Lords Justices and that he lay the same before this board tomorrow morning
Read Sundry Petitions for Land Vizt
John Anderson 320 N. Hanover, Edward Moseley 1000 Do, Jno Hardy 640 Beaufort, John Jones 196 Pasquotank, Thos Delaughan 400 N. Hanover, Roger Moore 356 Bladen, Bowen Clifton 320 New Hanover,
——————– page 594 ——————– Neale McNeale 500 Do, Will Ambers 100 Do, John Rutherford 640 Do, Rd Batchelor 300 Do. Granted

At a Council held 21st May 1741 Present His Excellency the GovernourThe Honoble Math Rice Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble Roger Moore Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble Eleaz Allen Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble James Murray Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble Math Rowan Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble William Forbes Esqr Member of CouncilThe Honoble Edward Moseley Esqr Member of CouncilRead Sundry Petitions for Land Vizt
Henry Owen 142 Craven, Saml Jasper 341 Do, Corns Harnet Jr. 300 N. Hanover, Thos Failes 200 Craven, Jno Blackman 100 Do, Michl Raisher 250 Do, Jos Bryan 225 Craven, Jos Dawson 200 Do, Jacob Giddins 250 Do, Abra Do 110 Do, Henry Jonecan 100 Do, Benja Eason 320 Onslow, Abra Busset 200 Craven, Wm Dry 125 N. Hanover, Jno Dudley 175 Onslow, Valentine Wallis 142 Do, Sam Thonton 400 Bladen, Thos Jones 400 Do, Wm Russell 600 Do, Hector McNeale 640 Do, Jas Pointwint 640 N. Hanover, Thos Mathews 50 Bladen, Pat Stewart 640 N. Hanover, Alex Kilpatrick 200 Craven, Corns Lofton 100 Do, Henry Atkinson 130 Do, Wm Mace 330 Beaufort, Simon Burney 400 Do, Jonathan McLessus 400 Craven, Wm Ryley 320 N. Hanover, Jno Boan 200 Craven, Arth Bryan 300 Do, Thos Cane 100 Craven, Wm Baron, 200 Do, Jas Coward 150 Do, Thos Fermer 94 Do, Wm Coward 65 Do, Jas Jones 300 Do, John Gray 400 Edgcombe, Edwd Mashburn 150 Onslow, Timothy Bloodworth 640 N. Hanover, Jas Weight 200 Onslow, Chas Cox 640 Do, Henry Oberry 250 Craven, Sam. Johnston 200 Onslow, James Thompson 360 N. Hanover, James Moore Do 360 Do, Timothy Bloodworth 300 Do, Wm Punctock 662 Craven, Sam Swann 1000 N. Hanover, Thos Page 200 Craven, Arch McNeale 320 Bladen. Granted

William Giddings 100 Hyde

At a Council held at Bath Town 14th day March 1745 [1746] Present His Excellency Gabriel Johnston, Esqr Gov. &c.The Honoble Mathew Rowan Esqr Member of His Majesty’s CouncilThe Honoble Roger Moore Esqr Member of His Majesty’s CouncilThe Honoble Edward Moseley Esqr Member of His Majesty’s CouncilThe Honoble Willm Forbes Esqr Member of His Majesty’s CouncilRead the following Petitions for Warrants Vizt
Joseph Bishop 50 New Hanover, Henry Eborn 100 Hyde, William Davis 150 Do, Edmund Price Jur 300 Beaufort, Samuel Johnston 640 Onslow, Alexander McCullock 640 New Hanover, John Warner 300 Beaufort, William Williams 200 Onslow, John Williams 200 Do, Joseph Blake 200 New Hanover, William Houston 150 Do, William McCoy 300 Bladen, Richard Lovit 150 Craven, James Brickles 200 Beaufort, James McCoy 300 Bladen, George Kernage 100 New Hanover, Anthony Cox 180 Craven, John Crouse 250 Do, Francis Nunn 150 Do, Thomas Hilliard 200 Beaufort, Anthony Cox 180 Do, Henry Barlow 200 Craven, John Brooks 200 Do, James Burns 400 Bladen, Solomon Grant 400 Do, Joseph Bishop 50 New Hanover, John Hardy 640 Bladen, George Burgess 290 Craven. Granted
Read the following Petitions for Patents Vizt
——————– page 801 ——————– Thomas Champion 100 Beaufort, John Bryan 640 Craven, John Nelson 319 Do, Caleb Howell 400 Bladen, Luke Forteskue 100 Hyde, Thomas Armstrong 200 Bladen, John Sanderson 350 Hyde, William Forteskue 100 Do, Thomas Davis 100 Bladen, Robert Champain 100 Beaufort, William Giddings 100 Hyde, Foster Gervis 150 Do, Thomas Devaughan 320 New Hanover, William Ridgway 300 Do, John Ellaby 650 Bladen, Hugh Larrimoore 300 Do, William Smith 300 Do, Williss Ship 100 Craven, John Wynn 170 Do, Edward Powers 300 Do, John Higdon 100 Do, John Gyles 200 New Hanover, John Echols 200 Beaufort, John Gyles 200 Craven, William Hall 200 Do, Robert Parkes 300 Bladen, Robert Parks 300 Do. Granted

Thos Giddings 300 Do

Read the following Petitions for Grants for Patents Vizt
William Williams 200 acres Onslow County, Duncan Cowan 640 N. Hanover, Saml Williams 640 Edgcombe, Jno Parks 150 Do, Joseph Goodson
——————– page 641 ——————–
400 Do, Jos. John Alston 150 Do, Richd Wall 300 No Hampton, Joseph Bradley 72 Edgcombe, Charles Jordan 154 Bertie, Saml Peacock 333 Craven, Jno Gainey 300 Do, Benjamin Parsons 200 Edgcombe, Nicholas Bourk 200 Do, Jno Bryan 200 Craven, Do 93 Do, Jno Sellers Junr 400 Do, Thos McClendon 320 Do, Jno Creel 300 Do, Jno Teal 100 Do, Thos Long 200 Do, Edwd Webber 200 Beaufort, Wm Norwood 138 Craven, Frans Clark 100 Onslow, Jonathan Woodall 172 Do, Benja Weeks 200 Carteret, George Paul 600 Onslow, Moses Saunders 300 Do, Jno Hinton 138 Craven, Samuel Cherry 200 Beaufort, Simon Jones 200 Do, Jno Maudual 150 Hyde, Isaac Buck 640 Beaufort, Wm Taylor 160 Edgcombe, Ditto 100 Do, James Conner 100 Craven, Wm Adams 320 Beaufort, Simon Bright 540 Craven, Wm Nivens 300 Do, Thos Smith 100 Do, John Filliau 100 Do, Lazarus Kenny 200 Onslow, James Rooke 200 Do, Wm Wickliff 350 Craven, Edmd Pearse 200 Beaufort, Thos Williams 240 Do, Isaac Buck 160 Hyde, Wm Martin 100 Beaufort, Thos Little 400 Do, Isaac Buck 200 Do, Thos Giddings 300 Do, Thos Gralor 300 Hyde, Thos Jewell 75 Do, Wyriot Ormond 150 Beaufort, Wm Deloack 300 Edgcombe Granted
Read the following petitions for Warrants for Land Vizt
Joseph Bradley 100 Edgcombe, James Smith 250 Tyrrel, Solo Wofort 250 Craven, Jno Powel 100 Do, James Wiley 100 Tyrrel, James Connor 200 Craven, Thos Mercer 200 Do, Jas Conner 150 Do, Robt Warren 350 No Hampton, Jno Simons (Colo) 640 Craven, Margaret Haynes 200 N. Hanover, Simon Holmes 200 Craven, Benja Thompson 600 Edgcombe, Wm Kymbal 500 Do, Jno Martin 200 Do, Wm Sasser 300 Do, Jno Cruckslanks 300 Do, Benjamin Kymbal 200 Do, Andw Jno Febbin 150 Onslow, George Cubbage 200 Bladen, Ditto 100 Do, Math Rowan Esqr 640 Bladen, George Jordan 100 Edgcombe, Stephen Williams 200 Onslow, Wm Williams 200 Do, Jno Bobbit 400 Edgcombe, Jno Simons 2,400 Do, Thos Jackson 400 Chowan, Joseph Hymbal 500 Edgcombe, Richard Jones 400 Do, Thos Zackerry 300 Do, John Starkey 200 Onslow, Owen Jones 50 Do, Theophs Weeks 100 Do, Christo Dudley 200 Do, Jas Alkin 100 Do, Peter Batson 100 Carteret, James Hamilton 150 Beaufort. Granted.
Read the Petition of James Castellaw for a Resurvey of certain Lands in Tyrrel County for which he has a Patent and praying if the Tract contains more acres than the Patent is for, that He may have the Preference in taking up such surplusage Granted for the Survey, and accordingly it was Ordered that the Surveyor General do cause a resurvey to be made of the said Lands and return the same to this Board.
——————– page 642 ——————–

At a Council held at Edenton the 15th day of November 1743

Acts of the North Carolina General Assembly, 1723

Acts of the North Carolina General Assembly, 1723
North Carolina. General Assembly
November 23, 1723
Volume 25, Pages 184-209
——————– page 190 ——————–
[A List of Jurymen in Beaufort and Hyde Precinct.]
Lazarus Holme 70 Wm. Cording 87 Jn’o. Sulivant 104
Rich. Harvey 71 Ed. Stafford 88 Jn’o. Davis 105
Tho. Jackson 72 Jn’o. Fourman 89 Cor. Tice 106
Jos. Hall 73 Wm. Barrow 90 J’n. Slade 107
Jn’o. Adams, Jn’r 74 Henry Eburn 91 Rich: Brice 108
Henry Bailey 75 Wm. Windley 92 Rog’r. Mason 109
Rich: Silvester 76 Jam: Welch 93 Fos: Jarvis 110
Oliver Smith 77 Collum Flin 94 Tho: Tooly 111
Rich: Pitt 78 Tho: Duvain 95 Sam’ll Jasper 112
Phillip Bayner 79 Ed. Winn 96 Jn’o. Leith 113
Jn’o. Wright 80 Simon Bright 97 Tho: Gooding 114
Jam: Bright 81 Abra: Wilkinson 98 Ed. Hadley 115
Jn’o. Harvey 82 Ezek: Weeks 99 Tho: Giddens 116Wm. Martin 83 Daniel Cox 100 Benj. Slade 117
Rob’t. Spring 84 Tho. Philip 101 Jn’o. Giddeons 118Wm. Webster 85 Char: Smith, Jn’r 102 Ben. Sanderson 119
Hen: Bright 86 Tho: Smith 103 Jn’o. Lawson 120

Beniamen Gidden 1699

Related Documents Minutes of the Perquimans Precinct Court North Carolina. Precinct Court (Perquimans Precinct)January 09, 1699 – January 10, 1699 Volume 01, Pages 520-522
[Records of Perquimans Precinct Court.]

January 1699.
At a Court Holden At the Hous of Mr James Oates The Secont Monday Janeuary 1698-9 for The prcinct of Piquemons Present Mr Calleb Calleway Cat Ralph ffletcher Mr John Whed Mr Samuel Nicholson
Mr Daniel Akehurst vars Stephen Manwaren
In Plea of debt ye sd Manwaring by his Aturney Collom fflyn Confesed Judgment ordered that Stephen Manwaren pay to Daniel Akehurst
——————– page 521 ——————– eigh pound one Shilling And one penney In poork With Cost Ales Exce.
The Hon Thomas Harvey vars William Barrow Executor of John Bently desesed
In a plea of ye Case ye Corte referd It to ye Jure ye Jure on thare Oath Say they find for ye plaintef fower pound fifteen Shilling In poork ordered that William Barrow pay to ye Hol Thomas Harvey fower pound fiften Shillings In poork With Cost
Upon a peticon of Mager Samuel Swann Shewen that Beniamen Gidden Is Indebted to him two pound eigh Shillings and eigh pence Halfe penney and he haven obtained an atachment against ye Estate of ye sd Gidden and noe Repleve apeares and two Hoggs and a parsel of corn being atached at his Sute ordered that ye Marshal deliver ye two Hoggs and Soe Much Sheld Corn At twenty pence per bushel as Will pay ye sd debt With Cost and trobel of Shellen and to deliver ye Same At Burroses Landen
Mr James Long Proved A Letter of Atturney of James Hogg ffirneful Green Thomas Piears and each of them theire Wifes by Thomas Long and William Keeter
Mr James Long Aturney to James Hogg and ffirneful Green and Thomas Piears and each of theire Wife acknowledg A deed of Sale for A tracte of Land In yoapim up ye Indien Creck to William Long
Capt Henderson Walker Excetor to Alexsan Lillington vars James Oats
In a plea of debt ye sd Oats confesed Judgment ordered that James Oats pay to Henderson Walker thirty two Shillings and fower pence halfe penney In poork With Cost Ales Exce
Mager Samuel Swann vars Richard Bachelder
In a plea of debt ye sd Bachelder Confesed Judgment ordered that Richard Bachelder pay to Mager Samuel Swann two Hundred and fifty pounds of poork With Cost Ales Excec
The Court Is AJoyrnd till to Morro Morning Nine of ye Clock The Court Meet
Upon A petic̄on of James Oats Shewen That Beniamen Gidden Is Indebted to him ffive pound Seventen Shillings And three pence And he Haven obtained An Atachm Against ye Estate of ye Said Gidden And No Repleve Apears And three Sheep one two yeare ould Hefer on gun And A pasel of Wodden Lumber Atached At his Sute ordered that ye Shrife Apraise ye Estate According to Law And pay to James Oats
——————– page 522 ——————– five pound Seventene Shilling And three pence With Cost And ye overplush If any be to Return to ye Said Gidden John Stepney And Peter Jones being opinted Apraisers
Jonathan Taylor And William Taylor Orfens Being Left destresed ordered that they be Bound to William Long And Sarah His Wife Till they Come of Age
Thomas Tailer Orfen Being Left destresed ordered that He be bound to John Lawrence And Hannah his Wife till he Comes of age
Mare Tayler Orfen being Left destresed ordered that Shee be bound to Mr Caleb Calleway And Elisabeth his Wife till Shee Comes of Age
Thomas Hallom Orfen being Left destresed ordered that he be bound to ffrancis ffoster And Hannah his Wife till he Comes of Age
Upon A petic̄on of James ffewox Shewen that Was two dayes Comen to Court And on day Atenden two dayes going Home being Sepened by George deare ordered that George Dear pay to James ffewox Nine Shillings And two pennce With Cost
Thomas Norcom vars Georg Mathes
In A plea of debt ye Sd Mathes Not Apearen ordered yt ye Marshall Bring ye Sd Mathes to ye Next Cort
Christopher Butler vars James FFisher
In a plea of defamac̄on thar being a folt in ye declaration ordered that he be Nonsuted & pay Cost

N. Carolina—ss
At A Councel Holden ye first day of December Anno D 1698
Ord That upon Any Action or Sute brought Before Any Court In this Govermt Wharein the Plaintife Shall be Nonsute or verdt be found for the defendt In Such Case ye Plaintif Shall Pay to ye defendt five Shills over And Above his Cost And shall be berred All further Sute In That Case till ye Said Sum be Satisfied.
Ver Cop W. Glover Cl Cour

Thomas Giddens Rev War Records


It took a while to get these. I have had a Copy of Thomas in Accomack’s records but had never seen the New Hanover Records That Folks refers to. Well here they are the Wilmington Militia Records. I also have some other documents that Prove That in New Hanover there was a Benjamin Giddens who was the father of Thomas Giddens and passed land by heirship also there is a Thomas Giddens jr. and a Benjamin Giddens jr.

Giddens Deeds

James Isham Gideon

It was August in 1764 when three young Irish lads landed in Norfolk, VA, in a slow ship from Ireland, according to Judge Thomas Jefferson Gideon, prominent lawyer of Springfield, MO.  Judge Gideon, a great grandson of one of these immigrants, wrote a brief sketch in 1895 about this early Gideon family having lived near his grandfather for more than twenty years, most of the information was first hand as follows:

“James Isham Gideon, the founder of this branch of the family in America, was born in Cork, Ireland in AD 1749 of Irish parentage.  His father was a Hatter by trade and in humble circumstances.  The news of the New World, its riches and advantages and the free homes it offered, increased his desire to escape the oppressions of the Old Word, and he cast his lot with the great massess who were pushing the star of the empire westward.  Int he spring of 1764 in company with his two half-brothers, Roger and Frank, they sailed for America and landed at Norfolk, VA about Aug 1764.  They settled in Roanoke Co., VA on a large tract of land where they engaged in farming until the War of the Revolution broke out.  Remembering the suffering of the Irish people at the hands of Great Britain, their natural antipathy for England, and their love of libert, they entered the Continental Army under Washington and served during the war.

Frank was killed in battle in VA, and this left only James Isham and Roger from which the family sprung.  After the war closed, they retired to their homes and it is said that Roger married and moved to New York.

James Isham married Pattie Mills in Wilkes Co., NC who was perhaps of English descent.  He moved to Wilkes Co., NC and settled a farm on the Yadkin River.  Of this marriage five sons and tow daughters were born: Edward, William, James, Isham, Elizabeth, Sarah, and John

James Isham Gideon

James Isham Gideon

  • James was born of Irish percentage. In August of 1764 James and two of his half brother’s Roger and Frank landed in Norfolk, Virginia where they settle on a large track of land in Roanoke County, Virginia. They farmed there until the Revolutionary War broke out.

    All three of the brother joined the Continental Army where they served under General Washington. Frank was killed in a battle in Virginia, When the war was over James Isham and his brother Roger returned home.

    Roger married and moved to New York. James married Martha “Patte” Mills in Wilkes County, North Carolina. James then moved to Wilkes County, and settle on a farm on the Yadkin R.

    James and Martha had five sons; Edward, William, James, Isham, and John; and two daughters; Elizabeth and Sarah.

    James Isham Gideon immigrated to Hawkins County, Tennessee where he died in 1832 of paralysis, his wife Pattie died in 1834.

    James was a Federalists or Anti-Troy and he and his wife were of the Baptist religion. He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity. James occupation was a farmer but he was also a Hatter, which he had learned from his father in Cork, Ireland.


    The Pope County History Volume I

    Page: 236

    Family: 257

  • Wilkes County Giddens Info

    Wilkes County Giddens Info

    GIDDINS — GIDDENS, Eliz. 208, 211

          Frances 104

          Francis 34, 42, 76, 106, 142, 166, 208, 211, 212, 231

          Rachel 231

          Roger 231

          Wm. 104, 142, 231

    GIDDENS–GIDDINS, Edward 154, 229

          Eliz. 133, 229

          Francis 5, 11, 133, 167, 229, 246, 266, 336

          Francis Sr. 229

          Nancy S. 353

          Wm. 229

      GIDEON, Francis 16

          Wm. 16, 254

    GIDDENS, FRANCIS dec’d est. Elizabeth Giddens, admx with will annexed. Petition to divide real est so as to give to Edward Giddens one of the heirs, now of lawful age his part, Jan. 7, 1827. Her petition to sell 400 acres in Jackson Co., No date. Returns for 1827, paid Toliver Jones his legacy of the personal est.

    GIDDENS (GIDDINS), WILLIAM, dec’d est. Francis Giddins, Sr., Admr. Nursing and boarding your child Francis in 1792, bill of Susannah Green for $20.00. Returns 1809, paid Roger Giddins $56.00, paid Jesse Everett $51.00. Receipt of John Moss for tuition for Francis Giddins 1807, Jacob M. Scudders for 1808. Returns for 1805, “tuition for the children” paid Fred Rainey. Returns for 1814, rent of plantation in Jackson Co. Receipt of Jos. Gray for $4.00 for making a coffin 1802.

    Page 183-193–GIDDINS, WILLIAM, dec’d. Francis Giddins, Admr. Returns for 1796 shows paid William Bostwick for coffin. Returns for 1805 shows sundries bought of William & F. Gilbert for Rachel, and tuition for her, paid Frederick Rainey tuition for children, paid John Moss tuition 1810. Cash paid in 1809 to Roger Giddens in part of his account against the estate. Roger Green’s account proven in 1796, receipt given Francis


    Giddens, Admr. June 2, 1815. Francis Giddens, Jr. debtor to one horse and saddle furnished by Admr. Returned July 15, 1816. Francis Giddens, Admr.

    Page 8–Mar. 3, 1824. Thomas C. Porter vs Cecelia Porter, Excr. of Benjamin Porter, dec’d. Application for division, appeal granted, Augustus H. Gibson, Security. Elizabeth Giddins qualified as Admx. with will annexed of Francis Giddins, dec’d. John W. Cooksey and Robert Killgore, Security. Benjamin Hubbard, dec’d. William Hubbard appointed Admr. Christopher Brooks, caveator vs Nancy Simons, Wm. Grant and others, applicants to probate of Abram Simons will. Appeal, James McIntosh, Security.

    Page 36–Petition of Elizabeth Giddens, Admx. of Francis Giddens, dec’d, to sell 200 acres on Sandy creek, Jackson Co., granted. Commissioners appointed to divide the estate of Ignatius and Cloe Dodson, dec’d.

    Page 38–William Robertson, Admr. of John Langdon, dec’d. allowed to sell slaves for division. Commissioners appointed to divide the slaves of estate of Lewis McLendon, dec’d. on petition of Nelson Powell and Francis McLendon, Admrs. John Ogletree appointed guardian of America Ogletree, a minor. Wm. Andrews relieved as security for Reuben Scott, Admr. in right of his wife Margaret on estate of John D. Stroud. Commissioners appointed to divide the personal estate of Francis Giddens, dec’d. and to assign an equal share to Talliaferro Jones in right of his wife Hannah, a legatee. Joseph W. Cooper, Admr. of Augustin Cooper, dec’d. allowed to sell 100 acres of land.

    Page 112–GIDDINS, WILLIAM, dec’d. Sale Apr. 1, 1796. Frances Giddens purchased household goods

    Page 16–O’NEAL, John, dec’d. Inventory Mar. 9, 1795. Mill stones and other equipment listed. Francis Giddens, Wm. Low, Lewis Irons, apprs.

    Page 64–Sale Dec. 29, 1796. James McLean and Sarah O’Neal purchasers. Signed by James McLean.

    Page 53–Harris Coleman, Excr of Daniel Coleman. Francis Giddens, Admr of Wm. Giddens. Sylvanus gibson and Griffin Hogan, Excrs of Walter Gibson produced two receipts one from Thomas Hogan, and one from Nathaniel Davis for legacies in full.

    Page 119–GIDDINGS, FRANCIS. To wife Elizabeth all estate for life or widowhood, one third in event of marriage, which is to be equally divided among all children (not named) at her death, she to give each a childs part at marriage or majority. John Dyson, Henry Gibson, Excrs. Signed

    Feb. 27, 1819. Probated Jan. Term 1823. Peter Gullatt, Robt. W. Collier, J. P., Benajah S. Killgore, Test.

    Page 307–SIMPSON, JUDA. All estate to be equally divided among my children: Jas. B., Wm. L., Chas. N., John N., Felix G., and Thos. P. Simpson. Thos. Douglas, Excr. Signed Mar. 17, 1830. Recorded Dec. 20, 1830. Wm. Killgore, Edward Giddens, Hannah Cooksey, Test.